Friday, January 28, 2011



NUCLEAR DEATH TERROR. Brutal apocalyptic crust/punk from Copenhagen, Denmark. Ex-URO, started 2003, added members with a solid line-up formed around late Summer 2004. After few line up changes they hired Tim(ex-PISSCHRIST) as their new drummer. Other members also a co-writer in well known metal mag ZERO TOLERANCE. As they made a CELTIC FROST’s important number Morbid Tales on their la...test second EP. The new sounds surely will be embark as punk and metal. Also taken Scandinavian Hardcore as influences in their musical style. The heaviness of old- BOLT THROWER and CELTIC FROST, and the pounding of DISCHARGE and ANTI CIMEX! On December 31st 2010 until February 2011 they starting Total Nuclear Annihilation Tour. Kick start from Australia, Japan, Singapore and last stop at Kuala Lumpur. MALAYSIA.

Salah satu aksi langsung yang paling dinanti-nantikan oleh para crusties di Malaysia. Yang bukan crusties pun bole kalau nak cuba. Takde darah kambing, takde bakar kitab. yeahhh!!

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Abang Ben said...

best ni... kalau ada boleh kita trade CD

JePh said...

yup..mmg best bro

deaf-angel said...

nanti buat report share sini k

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